healthy alternatives to your favorite baked goods

healthy alternatives to your favorite baked goods

Running A Restaurant? 2 Things You Should Ask Your Bread Supplier

Celina Carroll

If you own your own restaurant, you might be more focused on managing your kitchen staff than you are about chatting with your suppliers. However, because some of your suppliers deliver fresh, vital ingredients to your kitchen every day, you might be able to improve your operation by taking the time to talk. Here are two things you should ask your bread supplier, and how it could improve your business:

1: "How should we be storing this bread?"

To cut your expenses, you might be tempted to order bread in bulk, and then store it in the fridge until service. After all, since cold temperatures keep other things from rotting, it should work for your bread too, right? Wrong. Research has actually shown that keeping bread in the refrigerator causes it to become stale as much as six times faster, which might mean that your efforts to protect your bottom line are actually diminishing your service. After all, how will your customers feel about a stale breadbasket or a sandwich that tastes a little past its prime?

To fend off trouble, talk with your bread supplier about how you should be storing your products. He or she might have tips for how to keep products fresh as long as possible, making it easier to create the best experience for your customers. For example, those hard crusted breads might need to stay out in the open to keep their crunch, and those soft rolls might need to be packaged tightly to retain moisture.

As you talk to your bread vendor, take notes and follow the instructions to the letter. You might be able to keep your guests happy, and reduce the amount of bread you end up throwing away.

2: "What do you suggest?"

Although you might be used to ordering a set number of French bread loaves, buns, and croissants, bread vendors typically offer exciting new products throughout the year. When you talk with your vendor, ask which products they suggest. Here are a few items that might help to spruce up your menu:

  • Bread Basket Changes: Instead of offering your customers a few boring sourdough loaves before their meal, consider asking your supplier for a healthy wheat bread or a tasty brioche. You might be able to make your breadbasket an integral part of the dining experience.
  • Seasonal Items: Bread suppliers also typically carry seasonal items, such as Challah, which is an egg-based bread usually crafted around Easter. Think about adding seasonal items like these so that your customers can feel at home in your dining room.

By taking the time to talk with your bread supplier, like Klosterman Baking Company, you might be able to bolster your menu, save a little money, and keep your customers happy. 


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